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Monkey travel can't buy ticket but right curve of "home" may refer to the route

Date: 2016-01-20

Lin life (guilin evening news reporter Zhang Kun) on Sunday, the monkey Spring Festival will be officially opened the curtain.As in previous years, a lot of people coming home plan, began to worry for the limited capacity.Fortunately, all kinds of transportation ticket has full access to "Internet +" era, huge traffic information system make curve of "home".
To the northeast: tianjin transfer ratio of the highest
Citizens plan back to my hometown Harbin celebrate the Spring Festival, Mr Zhang, however, high ticket prices let his mind playing the drums."Recently opened a new direct flights in Harbin, guilin as long as four hours can reach, but ticket discounts, to 2380 yuan, count down three one-way ticket is 6000 yuan, a have to back up into several months income."
Reporter login where network with ctrip query, found that on the eve of Spring Festival starting from guilin ticket to shenyang, changchun, Harbin has some "look not to understand".Is full of guilin - Harbin sales, guilin - shenyang only hit the lowest 8 fold, and guilin - changchun connecting flights up also reached nearly 2000 yuan.
Where net fuzzy query system, however, let Mr. Zhang found a "curve" home economic route.Originally, according to the experience, Mr Zhang will transit point located in the Beijing and tianjin, home by fuzzy query, plans to travel dates from changsha to tianjin on January 29, ticket only need 200 yuan, and guilin to changsha train time just work with the shuttle flights, the first half trip easier.
Due to the tianjin train tickets to Harbin one ticket is hard to find, zhang had to consider to transfer again."Shenyang, changchun ticket is very tight, so this time I chose dalian, because tianjin early flight fly to dalian ticket is 200 yuan, and dalian to Harbin every day there are a lot of train, ticket is enough."
In this way, Mr Zhang design line three cost 3000 yuan only, all the way home than guilin direct to Harbin in the cost of the half, despite more than time spent 1 day, but he plans to use a day stay in dalian to take son to look at the aquarium, the overall cost performance is high.
Reporters then compared, found that the Spring Festival eve the ticket to guilin to Beijing has been in 700 yuan of above, tianjin is the highest city in the north to transfer price indeed.Particularly for families with children under 1.2 meters, the flight to changsha, children can free ride in cars, can save a lot of again.
To the southwest: guiyang zhengzhou transit facilities
First go home, one is the northeast, the other is the southwest.Travel has yet to start, the direction of guilin to chengdu, chongqing, xian ticket had been seconds, ticket price is also a rising tide lifts all boats.
Xiao wang is a business unit of work in guilin, contemplating the Spring Festival to chongqing to visit grandpa, and many young people, his travel choice first concern is the economy."I'm going to go on February 4, tickets are almost full price, and a back and forth of nearly 2000 yuan, is a bit too much."
The plane is too expensive, and can't buy the train ticket, how to do?Than Mr. Zhang's direct fuzzy query transit prices, wang more professional to inquire on the net on the map of China.See borders guizhou and chongqing, and he will transit in guiyang."Your wide high-speed after guilin, I saw on the net guilin also is better to buy train ticket to guiyang, as long as 130 yuan. And the bus ticket on the net system, according to go there every day from morning to afternoon there is a bus every 40 minutes to chongqing, 6 hours can arrive home, so the whole cost is down to less than 300 yuan, hard work is hard, but to save money first."He said.
Arrived in chongqing, have no problem to chengdu, according to a 12306 sites, according to chongqing to chengdu train every day with a total of 44, one way is less than 2 hours.And by the chongqing to xi 'an YingWoPiao is more abundant.
Compared with chongqing, zhengzhou transfer more convenient for xi 'an, such as 2 o 'clock at noon by guilin north on Z336 time in zhengzhou, zhengzhou station after 3 o 'clock in the morning to 41, can be directly connected at 4 am on 26 points of zhengzhou to xi 'an K419 train, 17 points can be arrived at 11 o 'clock at noon in xian, full fare minimum cost only 250 multivariate.