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Quanzhou Jin Huai growers association was founded

Date: 2016-01-20

Guilin life net news (reporter Wang Huacheng) recently, quanzhou Jin Huai growers association was established and the ceremony was held in guangxi chan fang pharmaceutical co., LTD..The establishment of the association of thanks to the unique geographical advantage and county Jin Huai industry's rapid development.Association of the existing four group members and individual members, 108 members from the county Jin Huai grow earlier, area wide, management technology of higher professional farmers, Jin Huai seedlings, planting areas have certain representativeness.The establishment of association marks the Jin Huai industry development entered a new stage.
In order to ensure the county Jin Huai industry sustained and healthy development in accordance with the rules and in accordance with the law, the association will seriously conduct self-discipline activities, actively cooperate with the relevant functional departments of sophora japonica prices, quality of sophora japonica, rectification of sophora japonica measurement and so on;Organization to carry out the theory of industry business BBS and planting technology exchange activities, in variety of improvement Jin Huai cultivation, planting, picking storage management, pest control, etc, to learn from each other communication, actively introduce advanced practical technology promotion and good varieties;Improving crop scientific management level, and provide farmers with Jin Huai series production, supply and marketing through-train service.
According to statistics, the county has more than 20 ten thousand acres, planting Jin Huai farmers up to tens of thousands of households.Association was founded, members will be means of development, more widely to contact the general Jin Huai improved varieties, planting, Jin Huai sales, Jin Huai processing Jin Huai owners, and industry experts, experts, condensation can be condensation of social forces, prompting association has more solid mass base and a wider range of representative.Association will be condensed, staff communication bridge of government, Jin Huai farmers and processing enterprises;Be united ties of member units, contact the social from all walks of life;For service members "maiden", become a farmers' income, enterprise efficiency, national poverty, for the county has made positive contributions to the rise of new recruits.