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On January 29th February 24 solstice fuzhou - guilin airline fares as low as 4 extra discount

Date: 2016-01-20

Southeast southeast express news (reporter Xia Jing) yesterday, learn from fuzhou aviation express, fuzhou fuzhou extra air on January 24 - guilin routes.
Which route will run during Spring Festival, specific flight information is as follows: on January 29th February 24 solstice, flight number for FU6565/6566, 357 a week on, go to 20:05 to 22:00, return moment as if - 00:20.On February 4 to February 29, flight number for FU6565/6566, plus every Thursday, go for 18:30-20:30, return for one - 22:55.
Blessing to purchase tickets for the airlines to launch a series of preferential activities, fuzhou - first flight two flights to guilin to enjoy 4 discount ticket price is favorable, fresh during the 5 discount.At the same time, guilin - fuzhou segment ticket prices are low to 4 fold.