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Karte des Hotels
Hotel Universal Guilin, Es liegt am Ufer des schönen Flusses Lijiang, am westlichen Ende der schönen Jiefang Brücke und liegt im Geschäftsviertel der Innenstadt.
Um das Hotel herum gibt es viele Teehäuser und Restaurants, nur eine kurze Entfernung vom zentralen Platz und der Fußgängerzone;Vom Fenster aus haben Sie einen Panoramablick auf die berühmten malerischen Orte in Guilin, wie den Berg Xiangbi, Fubo, Diecai, Duxiu Peak und Qixingyan.
Das Hotel ist sieben Stockwerke hoch, mit eleganten und komfortablen Zimmern;Das Geschäft ist auch mit chinesischem Restaurant, multifunktionalen Konferenzsaal, Business Center, Tourismusabteilung, Hochzeitsfoto-Studio, Teegarten und anderen Einrichtungen ausgestattet.
Seit seiner Eröffnung verfolgt das Hotel den Grundsatz der rechtlichen Tätigkeit und des ehrlichen Service und ist verpflichtet, zur Entwicklung des Guilin-Tourismus beizutragen.Es hat die Ehrentitel von 'Top-Ten-Sterne-Hotels in Guangxi', 'ausgezeichnete Sterne-Hotels in Guangxi' und 'fortgeschrittene Einheit ausländischer Unternehmen in Guilin' für viele Male gewonnen.
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Hotel FAQs
  • Wie weit ist das Hotel vom Guilin Airport entfernt?

    Hotel Universal Guilin ist 26.8km vom Flughafen entfernt.

  • Bietet das Hotel Universal Guilin einen Abholservice?

    Nein, das Hotel hat keinen Abholservice.

  • Wie lauten die Check-in und Check-out Zeiten im Hotel Universal Guilin?

    Check-in Zeit ist ab 12:00, und Check-out Zeit ist bis 14:00 im Hotel Universal Guilin.

  • Hat die Hotel Universal Guilin einen Pool und das Fitnessstudio?

    Nein, das Hotel hat keinen Swimmingpool oder Fitnessraum. Erfahren Sie Einzelheiten zum Pool und anderen Ausstattungen auf dieser Seite.

  • Hat die Hotel Universal Guilin ein Restaurant vor Ort?

    Ja, Sie können im Hotel essen.

  • Hat das Hotel Universal Guilin Breitband oder Wifi?

    Ja, wenden Sie sich bitte an die Rezeption.

  • Akzeptiert das Hotel Universal Guilin eine Vorauszahlung?

    Ja, bitte geben Sie die Bestellung vor der Kontaktaufnahme mit uns ein.

  • Akzeptiert das Hotel Universal Guilin Kreditkarten?

    Nein, das Hotel akzeptiert keine Kreditkarten.

  • Wie viel kostet das Frühstück des Hotel Universal Guilin?

    Frühstück CNY35 / Person.

  • Wieviel kostet der Aufenthalt in der Hotel Universal Guilin?

    Die Preise beginnen bei CNY432, Dies hängt vom Zimmertyp und dem Datum ab.

Bewertungen Mehr
  • Alec.
    The location of the hotel is very good. It is very close to Seven Star Park, Xiangshan Park, Jingjiang Wang Fu and Zhengyang Street. It's also convenient to eat.
  • GF903
    Regular, OK! Shopping is convenient!
  • formyself
    Poor service attitude
  • biandande
    The hotel is very old, the service is average, and the sanitary conditions are OK! The price is a little expensive. It's not worth the price!
  • e00235295
    Yes, it's a river view room. You can see the whole river
  • ansonseason
    In addition to the good location, it belongs to an earlier and older hotel
  • Awl003
    It's very convenient around. There's a rice noodle shop next to it. It's easy to solve it early.
  • tom_jiatongbo
    At the same price, the first time I ordered a room on the fourth floor, Wangjiang Hotel, and the second time I ordered a small room on the third floor. I called the front desk. I dare to say that the big room and the small room are the same price, and this room is the only one. I have a very bad attitude and don't give any explanation. I don't know what floor I ordered, so I can only let it say,
  • beauty0209
    I checked in for the second time. I live in Jiangjing room. You can see the Lijiang River directly. The night scenery is very beautiful and the network speed is very fast. It's the best room in Guilin for me
  • mmyong
    Very good, very quiet at night!
  • subrinay
    The geographical location is good. It is close to elephant trunk mountain, two rivers and four lakes, liberation wharf, Duxiu Peak and Fubo mountain. The room is a little small, there is no hand-held shower, and other facilities are basically complete.
  • gxx8477
  • anitaaa
    Good location, clean and tidy ~
  • jerryfreesia
    Convenient transportation, convenient shopping, considerate service, comfortable.
  • ya__lian
    very good
  • b148271009
    Good room, good price. I commented on it before. Photos have also been sent. It's just that breakfast is not good. Then, there is no tissue box in the room. The others are good.
  • dingo333
    The location of the hotel is very good. It is two rivers and four lakes away from elephant trunk mountain. Duxiu Peak and other scenic spots are relatively close. It's also close to the pedestrian street. Go shopping. Catering is very convenient. The service attitude of the hotel was also satisfactory. I will come to live in the future. The room facilities are good. There are both Chinese and Western restaurants. Breakfast is OK. There are often wedding banquets. It should still be a good hotel.
  • e00032043
    The hotel management is chaotic. New employees are used to serve at the front desk without strict training. They are not familiar with the business. The guests are not informed or prompted when they check in the hotel. The fault of hotel management asks the guests to pay the bill, deceives the guests, and does not apologize. It is unreasonable to force the guests to bear the losses under the hotel overlord clause? Friends, be careful to cheat when staying in this hotel in the future
  • pc1959
    not bad
  • cindyliu58
    The transportation is very convenient, and the environment is also good. It should be much better than the roadside Hotel, and the price is also affordable. It is strongly recommended that you go not far, that is, the pedestrian street, which is very good.
  • e02816101
    The location of the hotel is very good. The bus from the railway station to the hotel is very convenient. It's very close to Zhengyang pedestrian street or walking by the river. Friends who like swimming can also swim in the Lijiang River.
  • doublewiner
    The location is excellent and cost-effective compared with the surrounding hotels
  • Pabear
    The hotel environment is good. The dock is at the door and Guilin porridge city is opposite. The river view room has a good view.
  • Samnice
    The hotel is very nice
  • littlelily_lili
    The location of the hotel is very good. The room can just see the river view ~ there is a place to go shopping next to it ~ business travel is a good choice~
  • linyifan8023
    The location of the hotel is very good. Although the old hotel facilities are a little old, they are still very good, and the sanitation is very good. But the service was very poor.
  • yiyidebobo
    Hotel environment is good, convenient travel, reasonable price, so continued to stay for a day.
  • e00446970
    The geographical location is superior. The surrounding business is very prosperous. Behind it is a pedestrian street. It is also convenient to go out and take a taxi
  • angelcai
    The front desk is friendly and the room is clean. It's in a quiet position in the middle of the trouble. It's only 5-10 minutes' walk to Xiangbi mountain and downtown pedestrian street. It's a very superior environment. Praise
  • e00028750
    I'm very satisfied with the service. I'll come back next time
  • allenlutao
    The location of the hotel is very good. It is in the central area, close to the river. It is also very convenient to eat. There are many snacks nearby
  • e00061336
    The location is good. It's close to Xiangshan Park. The room is quiet
  • sss323
    First choice for business trip to Guilin
  • ccx33
    The location is very good, close to the city center
  • bjbyyb
    Good, very good location and beautiful river view, high cost performance
    The location of the hotel is good and the rooms are clean. It's just a little too small.
  • e00147916
    Not bad
  • e463496802
    Guilin global hotel in Guilin city is very convenient! Very satisfied!
  • arjanruben
    The room is quite small, especially the bathroom can't be any smaller. There are no slippers to take a bath, but it's very convenient to travel around
  • dean_lxw
    The location of the hotel is very close to the riverside, with convenient transportation and high personality.
  • momo1377
    Good location
  • e00828787
    The location of the hotel is good. It is very convenient to travel. The hotel facilities are general. The half price of parking charge is very uncomfortable. The parking charge is also charged for staying in the hotel, which is not much in the country.
  • rubyli214
    The city and scenic spots are very close
  • Jacob
    Location is good, business and leisure are not wrong, I think it's still very good, around you can also go shopping, local snacks can also taste.
  • coodeny
  • ouyangxu
    The sound insulation of the hotel is not good. It's more than ten o'clock in the evening, and the singing nearby is still very loud
  • BoBoGeGe
  • cooldogww
    The price is almost of this quality. It's OK, but it's a little old!
  • lisacs01
    The overall grade of the hotel is consistent with the star level, but the service attitude of the front desk attendant needs to be improved!
  • a_iya
    The room was very clean, the reception wasn't very friendly, but the attitude was good. It is very close to relevant scenic spots in Guilin, and there is a pedestrian street very close to the door. If the requirements for hotels are not very, very high. I highly recommend this hotel.
  • juserllo
    The hotel is located on the edge of the Lijiang River, not far from the pedestrian street. It's convenient to get in and out. It's a buffet for breakfast. You can have enough, but you have to get up early and eat early
  • mali58
    The location of the hotel is very close to the city center, so it is very convenient to play
  • anren88
    not bad
  • regalo
    The hotel is relatively hygienic. Generally speaking, it's good. On the first day of junior high school, it's very considerate to send sugar packets. However, the government regulation fund that charges 15 yuan per person every day really makes people feel unkind.
  • ooyyrr811
  • joe827
    Not bad, not bad
  • mattewlu
    Good, my friend said he was very satisfied
  • erinbeing
    There are lots of snacks around. It's really good
  • cex04
    The location is very good. It is close to the pedestrian street. It has been redecorated, so it is relatively new. It's also convenient to eat downstairs and nearby.
  • sabrinamimi
    Good environment
  • AlberT-P
    Hotel location is also very good, the environment is also very good, next to the two rivers and four lakes, very convenient, the hotel room is also very large, the price is very cost-effective, out to play is a good choice. There is a central square next to it. There are many snacks, some of which are Fula!
  • e02056323
    Not bad. The price performance is OK. I recommend staying. Stay here next time.
  • pangdunr
    Very good overall
  • baidurenleo
    The hotel is too dangerous. If you mess up the sheets, you'll be fined 100 yuan. I'm your sister. It's really a black shop
  • gapuman
    The location of the hotel is very good. It is on the edge of the Lijiang River. Across the bridge is the cruise ship wharf. It is only 5 minutes' walk from the pedestrian street. The implementation is a little old, and it's pretty good overall. High cost performance.
  • EmmaSi
    It's just by the river. It's only ten minutes to Xiangshan scenic spot. It's very convenient.
  • lanci9512xxx
    The hotel service is very good and convenient. Later, Guilin will still live here
  • connieliu
    Convenient transportation, elegant environment, complete facilities and considerate service.