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The Hotel Universal Guilin (Huanqiu Dajiudian) is very convenient in terms of traffic and transportation. The hotel is just 40 minutes from the airport and 10 minutes from the railway station. Standing directly beside the Li River (Li Jiang), the hotel is within easy reach of Guilin's top tourist attractions. Also within walking distance are some of Guilin's hottest shopping areas and markets.

Guests benefit from the hotel's unique in-house medical services providing Chinese massages and acupuncture treatments. However, the most attractive feature of this hotel is its collection of great restaurants. The Cantonese and Italian cuisines are particularly good.

Business facilities here include a large conference room which holds up to 200 comfortably and a well-equipped business center. As a result, this Guilin hotel is suitable for tourists and business people alike.[View Detail]
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  • lillian1989
    Hotel General
  • jxnclee
    Hotel accommodation is better, facilities, poor attitude, and reasonable hotel price comparison
  • jin1946
    Good location, breakfast is delicious, disadvantages, too few parking spaces, at 3 o'clock in the afternoon the hotel has no parking space, there are old room facilities, but health is still very clean.
  • cfesa
    Older hotel facilities but can book online for a convenient location in the city centre near Wenchang bridge next to several famous restaurants very convenient hotel to eat breakfast very rich street food Street is not far to walk
  • leosun850
    Nice clean rooms, reasonable prices, dinner is very convenient for shopping around.
  • laurencel
    Lijiang is also good, you can enjoy the scenery of Lijiang River, because after you get up in the morning is cloudy days without seeing the Sun.
  • ccrail
    Traffic is very convenient, direct takes the number 11 bus to liberation bridge in Guilin, walking a minute or two to hotel! from the zhengyang pedestrian street very near! just do not know next to the hotel there is a KTV night beside the singing voice is too loud, disturbing the sleep!
  • AdamLam
    Very satisfied
  • cbigame0205
    Feel Guilin local of hotel actually are not is your. I selected has a looks compared comfortable of. is a Foreign Affairs hotel seems to. foreigners many. was is high standard, later because to has end a between coordination into has Riverview. room size as of, bathroom slightly small. Riverview words can see of views I biography has figure. traffic is convenient, to which are is a km around. some can ride some need taxi. egg pain of is breakfast, buy has containing early of, your has fast 30 's. isTo kneel. staple dishes are one or two more than 10. ask me to eat rice porridge with bread roll pancakes? I knew rather than eat out bowls of powder. recommend booking without breakfast downstairs is Chong Shan rice noodles.
  • ellinlin
    Hotel good location, easy to go out ... nice
  • bj23816
    Good good
  • andersonlin
    Fair to middling
  • Tim Xu
    Other good, front desk Super horrible, I am also native, Guilin, the front desk really makes people shame on you!
    Just a bit old
  • jsy72500
    Well, a number of
  • doufei
    Hotel Vintage, after exporting a promenade in the lift, not too bright lights, all else OK.
  • adam5288
    Surrounding area very well, facilities are good, is equipped with Wi Fi and OTTV cable TV, but no plastic bag equipped hotel, decorated with old clothes or anything like that is not easy.
  • yangmiaojie
    Good location, close to the 'two rivers and four lakes' Jiefang bridge piers and Riverside, near from the pedestrian street, very convenient
  • e02816101
    Hotel location is very good, from the bus station to the hotel is very convenient, zhengyang pedestrian street or the river walk are very close, like swimming's friend to a carefree tour of Lijiang River.
  • joanne8369
    Hotel very good! it is worth
    Hotels in Nice
  • RoyalGuard1987
    Location and convenient transportation facilities and thoughtful service
  • delbert
    Nice ... close to Jiefang bridge, surrounded by sights solitary beauty peak, fubo Hill, Emerald mountains. distance of 2 Jiang 4 embarkation point near the Lake, visitors arrive during the day, night tour. the hotel clean, the breakfast is buffet-style, rich content. leave zhengyang pedestrian street very near.
  • liumin
    Great location, walk to elephant trunk Hill, seven star Park, is very convenient. well. hotel.
  • aaeert
    Nice place, quiet environment, feel the air is not the same water places, places worth
    The room I got was small. The bed was comfortable. Shower door wouldn't close completely and a ceiling light can't be turned off without shutting down the main power. The service man was responsive
  • ljcliff
    Hotel location in the city center, have unmatched River view, great night!
  • gj4515
    Play environment, and convenient transportation.
  • e00023209
    Hotel is very old, and its location
  • romy2000
    Nice clean room with a little crowded
  • gr9097111
    Environment, health, services, and facilities as old provide business River view, the result is the rotten floor view, lame, and three-star!
  • songcola
    That's good
  • fl0wer
    In Guilin live has six a night, three home different of hotel, global is sleep have most comfortable of a, just room between decoration and pictures inconsistent, and standard between decoration is as of, next again to, try try Lijiang River room! to later who support a enrollment, if you in see room between of Le depending on electric reviews Shi, encountered screen displayed to charged five Yuan costs Shi, exit, again click HD option, pop-up dialogue box, select 'smooth' can normal play, this is rooms Department staff taught I of, and everyone points Heng!
  • cniuniu
    Fortunately, the hotel WiFi problem
  • GigiNgai
    Great restaurant in the hotel is 233 cheaper by river views great burst of deal
  • andyleo528
    Jiang Jingfang was good, the room can enjoy the scenic Lijiang River. located in the city centre and conveniently. and convenient transportation.
  • fionlsa
    Environment, family satisfaction, narrow beds, nice
  • guan g
    Old four star hotel facilities, but some old. hotel location is very good, travel is easy.
  • deecle
    Hotel is located in Lijiang River side, away from zhengyang Street and liangjiang four Lake attractions very near, external environment is good. early into lobby feel pretty big. staying room Hou, TV cannot normal watch, waiter try Hou, immediately called to Engineering Department, for has signal line, set-top box Hou also is no. waiter active to for has room. room within general environment also can, but quilt cover, sheets compared old. room within not provides tissue paper, is worth money, but this details, let hotel in I mind in the drop has grade.
  • yj5love
    Hotel is on the Li River, Xiangshan, and convenient transportation, pedestrian street next to eat convenience. to Guilin will come later!
  • e00139727
    Nice hotel
  • nonamesos
    Nice older facilities. room was small.
  • Abbei
    Booked a deluxe room 'Deluxe' is two words flicker, was fooled by lobby, lobby very luxurious, but pitifully small room, which is also called luxury? I'm really speechless, the bed was soft, the old man sleeping so well, is too soft on the shoulder and vertebra or something is bad. bathroom floor standing water and the Super slide, you cannot wear slippers in.
  • duxiaojie
    Room very good! the room facilities are first-class! is so clean! li Jiang room facing the Park, however. old lady singing and dancing to 11:30 very noisy! can't sleep! hope of improvement!
  • along.cn
    Outside the hotel is very old, nice, big room!
  • pangdunr
    Overall pretty good
  • bliss66
    Good hotel, on the Li River, away from the seven-star Park Road, Cheung Pei Shan, two rivers and four lakes terminals are not too far away, behind the hotel is the zhengyang pedestrian street, drink is very convenient.
  • e01811673
    Perfect ... near the area, close to downtown. cheaper prices
  • m04859073
    Acceptable price, location, hotel services, hotel is not very new is
  • s197266
    That's good